Contract manufacturing

Flylights Factory offers the companies of electronic industry its services of contract manufacturing of printed circuit boards of any level of complexity*. Solving the tasks set by our customers, we provide the following complex services:

  • supply of printed circuit boards, stencils for application of solder paste;
  • automated SMT installation of components from chip resistors – 0402 to BGA packages;
  • installation of non-standard elements;
  • housing assembly;
  • manual installation of DIP components.

The plant is equipped with a modern SMD assembly equipment and is also export-oriented.

The production uses the assembly line consisting of a soldering paste machine, two component installers with a total production capacity of up to 60,000 SMD components per hour, a ten-zone convection oven and a PCB unloader. The washing of the printed units is carried out in an ultrasonic bath.

The components installation automatic machine is equipped with a single portal with ten and six installation heads of the latest design. The centering cameras are located on the installation module in a way that ensures instant component recognition, that is, during the process of moving them to the board, excluding the unnecessary movement of the installation module itself. This allows you to achieve maximum performance.

The high accuracy of automatic machines and availability of centering cameras allows you to recognize and install components in increments of up to 0.2 mm.

* - orders for contract manufacturing are processed individually